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Solana’s Top NFT Project Founder Frank DeGods Doxxed


There is truth to the Frank DeGods doxx. Rohun Vora, a former UCLA student who is now a Y-Combinator Fellow and a Web3 star, has been revealed as the man behind many of Solana’s most successful NFT projects. Until now, the true identity of the DeGods and y00ts Founder had been shrouded in mystery. Frank’s background shows a high level of entrepreneurial endurance, thus many in the field have openly praised the doxxing.

How Was Frank DeGods Doxxed?

Frank DeGods posted a Good Morning tweet in which he doxxed himself. Frank created the successful Solana blockchain NFT projects DeGods and y00ts. DeGods has a base price of 349 Sol, while y00ts on Magic Eden starts at just 138 Sol, showcasing the magnitude of the changes brought about by these initiatives. As a matter of fact, y00ts is the second most popular NFT project on Magic Eden, behind only DeGods.

Additionally, Frank is followed by 146k people on Twitter. Frank is a minor celebrity who started the hashtag #doxxwithfrank. Kevin DeGods, CEO of Dust Labs, is actually Kevin Henrikson, a serial IT entrepreneur who also doxxed himself. In other words, the DeGods have been exposed.

What Does Frank Have In Common With Rohun Vora?

A lot. Rohun Vora, as Frank DeGods, has an outstanding resume to back up his status as a Web3 heavy hitter. Vora studied for two years at UCLA before dropping out to earn a fellowship at Y-Combinator, later enrolling in General Assembly’s engineering programme and landing a job at MainStreet. Numerous Twitter users have lauded Vora for his willingness to try new things until he found success with DeGods and y00ts. As a team, we take great pride in seeing a builder’s vision become a reality. Catch the latest NFT news on NFTeller.

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