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Starter Sportswear Collaborates with VeeFriends For Limited Edition Apparel


VeeFriends has revealed an interesting new collaboration with the sportswear company Starter. They collaborated to produce VeeFriends x Starter, which features IRL goods. Today’s drop is the first. The limited edition Starter Alert Ape Jacket is available for purchase to all VeeFriends S1 and S2 Alert Ape owners. The jacket will be distributed throughout Europe by fashion brand END Clothing as part of the collaboration. This is a one-of-a-kind chance to take part in an incredible IRL merchandise drop with a retail price of $285.

VeeFriends and Starter Team Up for Apparel Drop

The most recent agreement is evidence that the VeeFriends NFT project wants to benefit its neighborhood. Gary Vee, a well-known businessman and NFT celebrity, founded the NFT collection, which is now collaborating with the venerable Starter clothing firm.

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO and Founder of VeeFriends, commented on the most recent partnership: “I have loved watching this cooperation come together, as I’m so enthusiastic about providing visibility, relevancy, and value to both VeeFriends and our partners. I wore Starter with my favorite sports teams while I was in high school since I grew up liking the brand, and I adore the style because it’s so trendy right now.

An NFT from the VeeFriends ecosystem is featured on the Starter x VeeFriends Alert Ape Jacket. The trendy jacket’s back prominently displays the Alert Ape.

The jacket is offered to clients in the USA and internationally and is available in a variety of sizes (S-XXL).

Owners of VeeFriends May Join Panel Discussion

VeeFriends Series 1 and Series 2 Alert Ape holders also have access to a special chance as part of the utility on offer. In fact, they can participate in a virtual panel debate in addition to being qualified to claim one Starter Alert Ape Jacket for each NFT acquired.

The history of starter jackets and their influence on culture are discussed in this online panel discussion with Gary Vee and Carl Banks. 

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