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Stephen Teglas To Be New CEO of Cool Cats NFT


Stephen Teglas is the new CEO of Cool Cats, one of the largest PFP collections in the NFT industry. The news was officially announced today, September 21. The appointment of the new CEO, who formerly held positions at Disney, RECUR, and Warner Brothers, is a major win for the well-liked NFT collection. After Chris Hassett’s appointment in January, this is the second CEO appointment made so far this year.

The New CEO at Cool Cats

Stephen Teglas is the new CEO of the business, according to a tweet from the NFT initiative today. CEO Alert!!! is how the formal statement is titled. Please start the drums. Meet Stephen Teglas, a former employee of Disney, RECUR, and Warner Bros. and current CEO of Cool Cats. Watch Town Hall right away to hear from @ChiefCoolCat,”

A Massive Week for the Cool Team

The Cool Cats squad has had a thrilling day. First off, today marks the release of the Cool Cats comic book. You must own a qualified Cool Cats or Cool Pets NFT and pay 75,000 $MILK in order to be eligible for this, though.

Additionally, this week marks the launch of the hotly anticipated Cool Cats and Habbo Hotel cooperation. Here, NFT holders can socialize with other members of the neighborhood and purchase goods like backpacks, badges, and apparel, among other things.

The group also held their usual town hall-style meeting tonight, during which the new CEO of Cool Cats participated in a Q&A. He spoke about his background, leadership abilities, and outlook for the project during this discussion. To find out the latest NFT drops, follow our NFT calendar.

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