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Steve Aoki NFT Is On Sandbox Metaverse


Steve Aoki’s NFTs are on the Sandbox Metaverse! There are collectible of 3,333 pieces that depicts Aoki. Each of the avatar is a playable avatar inside Sandbox unlocking functions which means owners have a chance of earning SAND just by playing.  You are interested to read more about trending NFT collectible news, head on over to our community.

Avatars of Aoki NFT

All 3,333 individual pieces are playable for users in the Metaverse, and each piece has its own level of rarity. The rarest among among taking 2% of the total NFTs is ‘Gold’, and ‘Human’ is the most common taking up 35% of the total NFTs available.

The way each Aoki NFT was created is through a random generation of the 3,333 metaverse avatars. This means that over 100 hand-crafted traits as well as several unique 1 of 1 designs can be created as well. 

The avatars have been minted for those who are whitelisted. For the public sale, there will be 48 hours after July 27th at 2 PM UTC. Each avatar will cost depending on when they mint. 

About Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki is a DJ and record producer well known for his EDM genre. He has performed a lot of shows all around the world and also has worked with some of the biggest artists in the world. BTS, Backstreet Boys, Louis Tomlinson just to list a few.

Following his career, he has definitely found huge success in his music. He doesn’t look like he is going to slow down, let alone stop anytime soon.

Steve Aoki finds himself in a small group of big-time celebrities who are the most involved in NFTs. Probably alongside those of GaryVee, Snoop Dogg as well as Paris Hilton. He is up there along with others like them in the NFT Community on Twitter.

steve aoki nft collectibles nftellerThe Metaverse Life For Aoki

Steve Aoki has been a major fan ever since the start of Metaverse as a whole. He has also performed virtual concerts as the special guest alongside Masked Wolf and Tigerlily back in January in decentralised.

Also, Aoki has his own Metaverse called A0K1VERSE and it is an exclusive membership community giving benefits to collectors as well as active members. From real world to digital rewards for his fans, he also includes free concert tickets to his show and early access to his NFT release. In addition to the already exciting perks, holders can also enjoy private events, metaverse experience, free merchandise, digital wearables and also exclusive access to apparel and collectible collaborations.

He sung praises on Sandbox in CoinDesk interviews and here is what he said. “The Sandbox is a platform for me to just go ham, go crazy with it. The Metaverse is your imagination untapped. For anyone that’s creative, this is your place to do some whacky, zany fun stuff”. For the full interview, you can watch in on YouTube here.

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