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The ABCs of NFTs Published by Reddit x VaynerNFT


The NFT consultancy of Gary Vee’s VaynerX is now having a partnership with Reddit to come up with an  educational whitepaper and the topic is on NFTs named “The ABCs of NFTs Playbook”. It is a downloadable resource to help new users into the expanding world of NFTs. 

What Is This Playbook All About?

So, the playbook ABCs of NFTs is an extensive guide book covering the basics and how to’s of the NFTs. Similarly, this playbook was a community effort made and compiled by the community. That means that all these tips and tricks and how to’s are all from passionate crypto users on Reddit and up to date, thousands of redditors contributed to making this guide happen by answering survey forms.

Contributions to making this guide happen also came from the top few of the NFT world as well as newly emerged NFT projects. Of course this includes VaynerNFT’s expertise helping Reddit pull everything together.

Reddit is a major hub for conversations about everything and anything but it has a lot to do with conversations talking about Crypto as well as NFTs and it is growing day by day and fast paced too. The facts also show that the subreddit r/nftsmarketplace alone have grown by 423 times and total views have grown by 300 times just in the short span of 6 months!

The guide is split into 6 sections and a total of 42 pages. The content include:


  • A Brief History of NFTs
  • NFT Like I’m 5
  • The 7 Types of NFTs
  • The Value of NFTs
  • NFT Launch Playbook
  • The NFT Community on Reddit

Each section and topic in the playbook covers basic information that newcomers need to know as well as various smart perspectives from notable people working in the NFT world.


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Importance In Educating People About NFT

In all, it is very clear that Reddit and VaynerNFT both identified how important it is to have enough resources for people to look through and learn about how NFTs work and all. As we all know if we want to go into the NFT world, it can be very much intimidating as well as overwhelming.

Because of all that, The NFT world takes up very interesting territory. One side of NFTs have become a very big part of our conversations over the past year or so. Another side of NFTs is that the number of people that are actively participating in the NFT community is still very small. As Avery Akkineni, VaynerNFT’s President said in her introduction to the guide saying that NFT is the word of the year of 2021 but yet only a very tiny amount of people actually owns NFT.

Therefore launching the playbook The ABCs of NFTs from Reddit and VaynerNFT, it is trying to help and educate people on how to use NFT and the public is able to download it themselves and be able to learn it for themselves and by themselves.

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