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The Classic Manga Captain Tsubasa Launches Web3 Game


Captain Tsubasa, a legendary manga series, is going to the blockchain! At the end of 2022, you can expect the launch of a new web3 game called CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-, giving fans of the well-known soccer manga a whole new way to engage with the franchise. In addition, the game will highlight important figures from the well-known Manga comic series and let players assume their roles utilizing NFTs.

Classic Football Manga Series Captain Tsubasa Brings Web3 Game

Some outstanding businesses have put a lot of effort into creating a smartphone game set in this remarkable Manga football environment. The Web3 game will be released by BLOCKSMITH&Co. and game developer Thirdverse Group.

Captain Tsubasa is a classic Japanese manga anthology series that was first published in 1981. This incredibly popular game is now coming to the blockchain. Fans and newcomers to the franchise will be able to enjoy a fun, tough game.

It’s novel to participate in a game that makes use of cutting-edge technologies like the blockchain and NFT drops. Despite the fact that the game is still under development, I am quite excited about the player experience it will provide. Yoichi Takahashi, the creator of Captain Tsubasa, expressed his hope that everyone would be able to enjoy this new game.

How to Play the Football Manga Game

The new football manga game’s characters are all NFTs that were chosen at random. Each character has unique qualities, such as unique talents, abilities, traits, and compatibility.

Players can develop their characters in the game and compete with other players. Notably, one of the best aspects is the opportunity to gather goods by competing with other users. These things can be traded in for prizes like playable characters and other things.

You can level up your character by doing this. Even better, CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS can purchase, sell, and swap characters in an in-game NFT marketplace.

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