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The Decline of NFT Influencers


In the NFT space, NFT Influencers are heavily depended on, especially when it comes to updating on Twitter. But yet they have one by one just vanished. Popular accounts like @Crypto888crypto, the creator of 888 inner circle as well as @NFTethics, the NFT project exposers, are all no longer active in the NFT Space. Of course, there are still smaller influencers, but because of the bear market, they are also likely to slowly become inactive.

NFT Influencers in Bear Market Declining

It is hard not to notice that currently, we are in the bear market for crypto and NFT. Ever since the start of the year, bitcoin as well as ETH has dropped in price significantly, over 50% in price. Because they are also the two giants of NFT, means that even others as well have an overall drop in market. More crucially, 90% and more NFTs live on Ethereum blockchain so the struggle has been enormous. Because of the fall in price, less and less people are buying into NFT, which leads to less word buzz or retweets in NFT updates.

Significantly, there are also various big NFT influencers who have used their fan base to earn money, even to take part in dubious promotions and scams using several other methods. However, most of the influencers out there are still honest of course and trying their hardest to promote NFTs, artists and also technology.

No Recent Updates From NFT Influencer NFTethics

Security is regarded as a big concern when it comes to dealing with NFT, hence why NFTethics gained a considerable amount of following this year as they reveal truths and ethical issues about the NFT space and foundations of Web3. NFTethics is well known to conduct in-depth research on NFTs. No one was safe and NFTethics was always there to question and expose scammers as well as high profile NFT influencers in the NFT Space.

What Does This Mean For NFT Scams?

Since May 17th, NFTethics have not tweeted a single response or update, leaving everyone in the dark as to whether or not they will come back or if they lost access to the account or for other reasons. Either way, they have made significant impact in raising NFT project red flags that the NFT community feels it is a loss. It is really unfortunate that scams still happen and others are also working hard to expose the scammers.

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What About NFT Influencer 888?

Another one of the NFT influencer that went MIA from twitter is an NFT Creator by the callsign @crypto888crypto. NFT detective and onchain sleuth @ZachXBT also raised a serious question about 888 and his projects. In a tweet yesterday, ZachXBT said this, “888 made $13m+ across 3 NFT projects over six months and has been missing in his discord since March and on Twitter since May. RIP to all those holders.”

888 have not tweeted anything since May, but just yesterday shortly after ZachXBT called him out, 888 came out to rectify the situation by saying he is dealing with some personal issues and will be back online soon.

Looking after your mental health and the people around you that you love is truly important and NFTs should always place second to first ensure that your family is healthy. But not everyone is convinced about this tweet by 888.

Other NFT Influencers To Rise

More popular characters will emerge as long as NFTs are still ongoing and relevant then there will be social media influencers. Another question is are these NFT Influencers a force of good or not in the community.

Of course, in this world, there will be people who will take their followers for granted and use them but also at the same time there will be others that are trying their hardest to ensure the NFT space is inclusive, safe and fair. For more NFT news update, visit our community.

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