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The First Public Artwork AR With ARKPIA & Florentijn Hofman


The well-known art and technology firm ARKPIA has announced a partnership with Florentijn Hofman. To be more specific, they are creating the ‘world’s first public artwork AR,’ which will enable users to mount massive works of art on well-known locations using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

ARKPIA and Florentijn Hofman Teams Up for NFTs

The innovative global NFT brand ARKPIA is created by J&JOHN, experts in the art business. They therefore seek to establish a society where artists and collectors can thrive while focusing on the transformation of digital works.

An NFT collection including internationally renowned artists and their intellectual property is the ARKPIA team’s most recent endeavour. Importantly, artists work in a variety of genres and come from different backgrounds. They are Ben Ouaniche, Gabriel Hollington, Sarah Beetson, Dan Woodger, and Florentijn Hofman.

In addition, Florentijn Hofman is working with ARKPIA to introduce a line of NFT and AR artworks that feature his renowned “Rubber Duck” artwork.

According to Hofman, “I was interested in the ARKPIA project when I was approached to join it. By making it possible for anyone to place my large-scale works anywhere through AR, I wish to provide happiness and hope to everybody. With my enormous works, which are typically only viewed in the field, this will transcend time and place.

The Work of AR Tech

For NFT collectors, digital artists, and even the public, the ARKPIA will use augmented reality technology to improve the art experience.

Collectors who buy ARKPIA’s digital assets are entitled to a complimentary copy of the AR software. On November 2nd, the brand-new NFT mint pass will be available. With a price of 0.5 ETH, there are 1000 in total.

Last but not least, the public can use this new programme to install the Florentijn Hofman Rubber Duck artwork almost all over the world and share it on social media.

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