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The Only Blockchain On Disney Accelerator: Polygon


Disney has just announced that 6 companies will be joining in their efforts in the 2022 Disney Accelerator. Blockchain Polygon has joined in as well and as a matter of fact, they are the only one blockchain on this programme. This is a unique initiative from Disney to aim at accelerating the growth of revolutionary companies in the world. Polygon sure fits the description, wanting to be completely carbon negative by 2022.

Polygon joined Disney’s accelerator 2022

Polygon is a carbon-neutral layer-two blockchain that is on Ethereum network and they are a forward thinking scaling solution blockchain. They aim to be efficient in speed of transactions as well as reduced fees whilst providing a web3 infrastructure that is environmentally-friendly and sustainable all at once. 

With the assistance from Disney professionals as well as the other 5 companies, Polygon will be able to expand its company further and be able to think of new ways and methods. The other 5 companies working on the programme are Flickplay, Inworld, Lockverse, Obsess and Red 6.

The Disney programme this year fits very well for Polygon and the programme is running from now until October. Main focus of this year’s programme is Building future of immersive experience and specialising in tech like Augmented Reality, NFTs as well as A.i. characters.

disney accelerator trending nft news nfteller

How does the Disney programme work?

The Disney programme will gather together 6 companies and of course, Polygon included, and assist them in various ways. They will receive the Walt Disney brand’s creativity as well as expertise and imagination. 

During the programme, the companies that are in this programme will be able to get expert advice and support from Disney’s leadership seniors and will also have an executive mentor. 

Finally, Disney of course will also benefit from the programme with the next-generation storytelling approach. Polygon and others can offer a unique outlook on the world of web3. Read more trending NFT news on NFTeller.

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