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Top 10 Most Valuable Cryptopunks In 2022


Cryptopunks are one of the most expensive NFT on the market right now as of this year. But to NFT collectors, they are wiling to pay whatever the price for valuable punk NFT avatar. The Cryptopunk NFT collection that was started by Larva Labs and later taken over by Yuga Labs has become one of the most recognizable NFT in history. As a matter of fact, many call it the first ever PFP project. Although it is not technically true, it’s the first NFT to boast such an exclusive following.

To elaborate, you can think of Cryptopunks as the hottest celebrity in the NFT space, just after BAYC’s of course. As of right now, the most expensive Cryptopunk NFT sold for over $20 million. It definitely comes as a surprise considering that Cryptopunk NFTs were free to mint at launch.

Is CryptoPunk #9998 The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold?

Taking a quick peek into the collection’s transactions, it reveals one CryptoPunk that is #9998 and it is sold for a whopping $530 million in sales. However, further investigation revealed that the NFT holder sold it to himself using two different digital wallets just for publicity. So, it is not an actual sale.

With that being said, let’s have a look at the top 10 most valuable Cryptopunk NFTs along with their traits, buyers, and other insights.

Top 10 Most Valuable Cryptopunk NFTs

CryptoPunk NFT #5822

1. CryptoPunk NFT #5822 | $23.58 million

Just this February, Deepak Thapliyal the CEO of tech company chain purchased Punk #5822 for a huge price tag of $23.58 million. The Punk is an alien avatar and there are only 9 such NFTs in the collection, making it very rare.

Moreover, one of its traits is a bandana. In the collectibles, there are only 5% having this rare trait.

CryptoPunk #4156

2. CryptoPunk #4156 | $10.35 million

Second most expensive goes to #4156 and it is also wearing a bandana trait. It is sold for 2,500 ETH in December of 2021, this is one of the 0.24% Ape Punks in the collection. Previously however, it was sold for 690 ETH that is less than a third of its latest price.

CryptoPunk #5577

3. CryptoPunk #5577 | $7.82 million

This Punk sold for 2,501 ETH because it is an Ape, and more importantly, wears a cowboy hat. Hats are one of the rarest traits you can find among the collectibles, which only 1% wearing it.

CryptoPunk #7804

4. CryptoPunk #7804 | $7.56 million

The Alien Punk features 2 rare traits, shades and pipe. Besides rarity, all of these traits go well with the design. This factor can add plenty of value to any PFP collectibles, regardless of its rarity.

CryptoPunk #3100

5. CryptoPunk #3100 | $7.51 million

It seems a lot of people are a fan of Punks with alien avatar, this being the third one listed so far. Its headband trait is shared among 4% of other digital assets, making it a rare trait as well. The NFT was sold for 4,200 ETH on March 11th, 2021.

CryptoPunk #8857

6. CryptoPunk #8857 | $6.64 million

Right off the bat you would unique combinations of traits on this Punk NFT. It features 3D glasses and Wild Hair traits which looks surprisingly good on a zombie.

Zombies make up only 0.88% of the collectibles, making them even rarer than Alien digital avatars. It’s no wonder the buyer was willing to a very high price of 2,000 ETH for this CryptoPunk NFT.

CryptoPunk #5217

7. CryptoPunk #5217 | $5.44 million

You know what’s rarer than aliens and zombies? Apes are only 0.24% of the CryptoPunk collectibles. As an addition, this NFT is wearing an orange knitted cap and also has a gold chain.

Therefore, this cool Punk NFT sold for 2,250 ETH on July 30th last year during the NFT boom.

CryptoPunk #7252

8. CryptoPunk #7252 | $5.33 million

This is also a zombie avatar that was sold for 1,600 ETH back in August 2021. Whenever traits are visually appealing, it raises the collectible’s price. In this case, you see crazy hair, gold earring, and a chinstrap.

CryptoPunk #6275

9. CryptoPunk #6275 | $5.11 million

What’s surprising about this item was that it was briefly owned by Pranksy. However, the iconic collector sold it for 1,1319 ETH on the same day of the purchase.

When it comes to traits, the Punk NFT has a Shadow Beard and Mohawk Dark accessory and both are very suitable for Zombies.

CryptoPunk #2338

10. CryptoPunk #2338 | $4.35 million

You might think this is the same one you just saw, but this one doesn’t have a beard.

Nonetheless, punk #2338 sold for a whopping 1.5k ETH in August of 2021. The digital asset had three previous owners but none of the sales exceeded 3.5k ETH.

Should You Invest In Cryptopunk NFTs?

Without a doubt, Cryptopunk are one of the most valuable and stable NFT among all other collections even though the floor price has dropped multiple times in the past. To elaborate, CryptoPunk’s floor price was just 52.69 ETH in January when BAYC briefly flipped it with 53.9 ETH floor price. Right now, the collection’s floor price is 74.68 ETH. 

This doesn’t stop the world’s most iconic celebrities, NFT whales, and popular artists from owning Cryptopunk NFTs.

To conclude whether you should invest in CryptoPunk NFTs all depends on your budget. Do your own research on these collectibles to determine how it might benefit you in the future. 

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