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Twitter User Warns That Taki NFT Might Be A Scam


There is an NFT project that is suggested by some to be a scam, that is Taki NFT Project. According to a tweet by a user, @anmehrotra27 said that there are some evidence suggesting that this is a scam project. They also believe that the Taki collection was also linked and responsible as well for the What The Fox NFT mint. 

Is Taki NFT a scam?

@anmehrotra27 said in the detail thread that it looks a lot similar to the What The Fox NFT just a while ago and also has screenshots that appear to also show the similarities between the two NFT. 

However, with all the proof, this project has already been doxxed and gone through by two companies that specialise in KYC and verification for new NFTs and these two companies are Alpha Labs and The Fellowship.  

@anmehrotra27 said , “ Hello guys, I am writing this thread to warn you all against an NFT project @TakiNFT_ that is minting today. I have some strong reason to suspect that this project is running by the same person behind @WhatTheFoxNFT which successfully minted out a few days ago.”

The founder of What The Fox named Stayrebel is active on both the discord servers. Both of the discord servers share identical layout as well as the rules of the discord server are word for word exactly the same. The tweets include images that show both Discord and the similarities among the two.

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Red Flag NFT projects

When we want to know what are some red flags then the easiest way is to see whether or not there are websites and both of these projects, Taki as well as What The Fox lacks of a website hence.

But with all that being said, there is still no confirmation that Taki NFT is a scam but raises concerns about the NFT project. 

As for the Taki NFT, the project is already being verified and doxxed hence, there will be more people that will trust the project and the two companies that verified it are AlphaLabs and The Fellowship. Both of these companies focus on safer places for the people joining the NFT Projects. 

However with all that being said, before you plan on buying NFTs, you will need to do research and if you feel something is not right then it is best to avoid it. Stay updated on NFT news with NFTeller.

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