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Unstoppable Domains Launches Its Answer To POAP: Relic NFT Smart Tickets


With the help of Relic Tickets, a blockchain-based ticketing solution, Unstoppable Domains is introducing Relic NFT Smart Tickets, which can be used as proof of attendance. Through the Relic app, owners may now add digital badges from events they’ve attended to their profiles on Unstoppable Domains. What you need to know about the modern approach of experiencing is as follows:

Relic NFT Smart Tickets: The Details and Utilities

Have you ever considered adding a section to your online profile detailing the various events you’ve attended? If so, your search can end now that we provide Relic Smart Tickets. Concerts, athletic events, conferences, and brand activations are just some of the occasions that can be recognised by the one-of-a-kind NFT Smart Tickets, which are digital badges. In addition, you may now openly show digital tickets for these events on the blockchain. This is due to the widespread availability of Relic tickets at various points of sale around the United States.

Not only will you profit from owning a Relic Smart Ticket, but so will the brands that you frequent. There is no limit to the creative ways in which event organisers may now monitor attendance and reward loyal followers. They will be able to develop a more meaningful relationship with participants by offering them benefits such as discounts and/or special prizes.

“Your Unstoppable Domains Profile is like a Web3 LinkedIn page. The addition of tickets to the Unstoppable profile enables real utility for companies to offer rewards and future perks – and for people to reap the benefits of being devoted fans. Utility is much more powerful than hype,” Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains and Senior Vice President Sandy Carter put it thus way.

About Relic Tickets

Relic Tickets, with over 20 years of expertise, is dedicated to providing ownership in the general admission ticketing market. By using Unstoppable Domains, they plan to put an end to ticket scams and scalping and make it such that verified attendance is visible on online profiles. Follow NFTeller for more NFT news.

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