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Upcoming Mints In July 2022


Following the news can be very challenging as we all know that but fret because we are here to cover you with the latest news there is!

Rêves de Soie NFT collection from Exclusiblie X Christian Lacroix

Blockchain Ethereum available now for the price of 0.4 ETH apply of 700

Rêves de Soie is the first collection that is from Christian Lacroix French Fashion House. The NFT is a partnership with studio Exclusible, an NFT luxury studio. The holders of Rêves de Soie will receive a handmade Carrés scarf coming from the NFT.

What we need to know is actually how successful Exclusible is. Just to let you understand, within 5 minutes of the last NFT released, it was sold out. So if you take that as an indicator then you are able to see that this new NFT is no different as it would again be very popular.

Pineal Renegades NFT

Blockchain Solana available now, Mint price of 0.9 SOL and supply of 3600

There is a new Solana minting going on that is Pineal Renegades and is a new interesting collection of NFT. There are 3600 NFTs and it is some of the most unique cyberpunk inspired art. Every trait is also hand crafted into lino-blocks, contributing to the results.

The futuristic and psychedelic substance DMT and as a matter of fact pineal gland is believed to be the one responsible for producing DMT hence the name pineal renegades.

Pineal renegades have not appeared on the secondary market yet because until now, it is still minting so if you want one then just go right ahead and aim for one.

Companions NFT

Blockchain Ethereum, available July 7th, 9 PM UTC, price of 0.069 and supply of 10,000

This NFT collection is a part of the Solaverse. So what Solaverse is, it’s what people are calling an interactive metaverse. That means that they have used this little story and incorporated it into the project. The main use of the Companions NFT is that you use in Solaverse’s Operation Dawn game, also the first play-to-earn game.

Companion holders will be able to get early access to the game on its Alpha release of the game. Holders can also receive free-in-game skins in the form of NFTs and earn extra $SOLA rewards for playing.

The registration for the Companions NFT will be made available on July 6th, 10:59 pm UTC.

Project Zenogakki

Blockchain Ethereum, Mint date on July 7th, Price for 0.24/0.28 ETH for 10,000 supply

Project Zenogakki is aiming for a decentralised anime and its long-term vision is to enable its communities to benefit from future success on that franchise. This will also include a watch-to-earn mechanism for fans. NFT Holders will also get IP rights.

Zenogakki hoped to become a project for others to follow in the future. If you would like to know more then you can check it out.

Degen Sweepers NFT

Blockchain Solana, mint date July 8th to 11th, mint price to be announced and supply for 10,000

Degen sweepers comes from Urkann, a major NFT figure and this is a very exciting project. The NFT collector has a huge following in twitter and has also been involved in prospects like the NFT Factory Paris in Web3.

Something new from Urkann is now he is unleashing #UrkannArmy on Solana, aiming to raise the ecosystem. With very catchy arts from Resist, Degen sweepers hopes to first create a community then, a brand project highlighting degen life on Solana.

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Coolman’s Universe: Babies

Blockchain Ethereum, Mint date 9th July, price to be announced and supply of 20,000

Even though this is the last on the list, it is actually one of NFT mint that people are most looking forward to. This is coming from a very famous NFT collection and that is Cooman’s Universe collection. Now then the Babies version is here and there will also be another part of it that is the anti-babies and this is something exciting. Half of these NFTs will be coming along with the OG’s Coolman’s universe for the holders and 10,000 babies will be available for public mint. Stay updated on the latest NFT news on NFTeller.

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