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Upcoming NFT Mints From August 29 to September 4


The last week of August is here, and to welcome the new month, we’ve chosen some of the finest upcoming NFT mints. In addition to whitelists you may now apply for, we have gathered details on all of the most intriguing projects that are launching in the next seven days.

We also have a calendar of future NFT drops and events so you can see what’s going on in the NFT community.

This manual is for you if you’re seeking new NFT projects to join! Here are some of this week’s most anticipated NFT mints:

Beginning to Whitelist for Forthcoming NFT Mints

Vinny & Frens

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 8th | Price: 0.07799 ETH| Supply: 7799

Vinny & Frens is a brand-new, highly anticipated NFT mint that attempts to demonstrate the strength of web3 and its advantages to a wider audience. The NFT collection was produced by Degenproduction with illustrations by @cryptoStacys, and it is an adaptation of A.A. Milne’s beloved book Winnie-the-Pooh.

Notably, this novel is in the public domain, and Vinny & Frens give it a unique and energising spin.

Vinny & Frens will launch with an NFT collection and feature fresh tales set in the web3 universe. Additionally, there are future plans for a store selling merchandise, publications, and a top-secret NFT project.

The VAF community will also contribute to a number of animal welfare organisations. To participate in this fantastic forthcoming NFT mint, join the whitelist right away!

Pop Cult NFT MintPop Cult NFT — by Iwan Smit

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: September 5th | Price: 275 USDC or ETH-equivalent | Supply: 10,000

The amazing artist Iwan Smit’s Pop Cult NFT project focuses on popular culture art infused with the artist’s distinctive style. There really are 10,000 of these vibrant community-first NFTs in total. In addition, their fan base is expanding.

Holders of NFTs will benefit greatly from airdrops, early access to new NFTs, artwork, and apparel. A DAO, a Pop Cult art fund, and a lot more are all in the works!

You may sign up for the Pop Cult NFT mint on August 29th right now because the whitelist for it is currently accessible!

Minting Now

Real Estate Tycoons Public Sale

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: August 29th | Price: 0.055 ETH| Supply: 7777

The new NFT mint P2E game Real Estate Tycoons has grand ambitions to meld the digital and real worlds.

The group will collaborate with the neighbourhood to invest in and purchase real estate as well as commercial property. The frontiers of property ownership and how the sector is developing in the digital era will be pushed by this innovative NFT initiative.

Upcoming NFT Mints This Week

BABY SHARK – August 30th

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: August 30th | Price: 0.055 ETH| Supply: 7777

The team has returned after the initial Baby Shark NFT collection’s popularity. Officially, a variety of relatives and friends from the well-known YouTube show are included in BABY SHARK: COLLECTION NO. 2, the 10,000 NFT project. This contains Grandma Shark, Grandpa Shark, Grandma Shark, Baby Shark, and Mommy Shark.

Beginning on August 30th, the forthcoming NFT mint will feature themes, beginning with a Spring/Summer Edition that serves as a connecting thread. In addition, there are several outstanding qualities and characteristics in this well-known NFT family collection to watch for.

Rarity League  – August 30th

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: August 30th | Price: 0.14 ETH| Supply: 5000

This future NFT mint is a component of the National Football League’s (NFL) extensive NFT initiative, which includes their intentions to integrate web3 into their sizable ecosystem.

The NFL is launching a brand-new blockchain game called NFL Rivals in collaboration with @playmythical. Users will be able to assemble their own squad by gathering, exchanging, and improving NFL players, gear, and other elements.

These Rarity League NFT helmets are the first NFTs in the project, and they include the helmets of the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, two former Super Bowl finalists.

Trending Upcoming NFT Mints

y00ts NFT Mint


Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: N/A | Price: N/A | Supply: 15,000

The Y00ts NFT whitelist is no longer open, although the project is still heavily shrouded in secrecy. Keep an eye out for this future NFT mint project. Given the publicity around the mint, anticipate a speedy sell-out.

It is unclear, though, if other whitelists will ever become accessible.


Blockchain: Ethereum & Solana | Mint Date: August 25th | Price: 0.2 ETH in SOL | Supply: 15,000

The 15,000 pfp NFT EZU collection, which was minted last week, sold out in a matter of hours. An NFT line called EZU uses apparel to power a “Wear2Earn” lifestyle application.

It is also already proving to be quite well-liked in the NFT industry. The project’s future development will be intriguing to watch, in conclusion.

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