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Upcoming NFTs On Solana and Ethereum


With a new week comes all new exciting and upcoming NFT mints to discover. We are going to focus on the Ethereum and also Solana NFT Projects and give you the best NFT collection that you should check out between August 15th until 21st. To stay updated on latest NFT mints, follow our NFT calendar.

NFT Mints On Ethereum


Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: 14th August | Price: Free | Supply: 6,666

Spellcaster NFT Project has already created a buzz among the NFT community and right now, it is one of the top projects in the NFT sales list and has already over 39 ETH volume on OpenSea.

The Spellcaster NFT collection are of 6,666-pixel wizards. Although there is no official roadmap as to what will happen but as of right now, the website offers a dedicated battle tab. This means there will likely be battle function.

It will be minted for free at first and after that it is 0.0033 ETH and with a ten limit max. Hundreds still remain so if you want in, you need to get it asap on these new upcoming NFTs.

Grumpls (GoblinTown)

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint Date: 29th July | Price: Burn Mcgoblin. etf NFT in Exchange (quantity varies) | Supply: 2,670

The latest NFT in GoblinTown ecosystem are Grumpls. While their official role in the NFT space is not known yet, these are very unique NFTs and a companion collection. As of what we know, you would have to burn McGoblin burgers or hot dogs to capture one of these, it is definitely interesting to get yours hand on.

All in all, over 4,000 mcgoblin.wtf NFTs have been burnt for 2,670 Grumpls NFTs. The minting process is fun and offers a wonderful interactive animation.

Upcoming NFT Projects Ethereum NFTeller

Ethereum NFT Upcoming Collections

Hiroto Club

Blockchain: Ethereum | Mint date: August 18th | Price: Free | Supply: 5,555

Hiroto Club is one of the new NFTs upcoming this week on Ethereum. Just like with every NFT project, holders can expect certain perks such as access to DAO, votes, and many more.

What’s more is, your NFT will be a playable character in the Metaverse and also partnership lands. There are plans set for Nfuture FT Collection and a merchandise store.

Ogami Conquest

Blockchain: Polygon | Mint Date: 21st August | Price: 90 $MATIC (whitelist) | Supply: 5,000

If you like Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games, then this NFT project is an exciting one, called Ogami Conquest. Developed with Sandbox elements, the concept is widely play and earn ecosystem and NFT holders will be able to breed and recycle their NFTs.

Before you embark on the conquest, you must first have an Ogami Mage. The Ogami Mage will be your ticket to entering the Ogami World. To be eligible for the NFT drop, apply for the whitelist through their social media.

Look Out For These New Ethereum NFTs

Upcoming there will be several that will be coming to Ethereum NFT Projects. Cel Mates is an NFT Project with some great art and an excellent website that is highly mysterious. In the coming week, we will be able to know more about the project.

Another upcoming new NFT Project is a collaboration between Hello Kitty and RECUR. They are launching on 25th August and it will be named “Hello Kitty and Friends”. It will be a 10k NFT Collection and will feature 6 well-known characters travelling the world.

NFT Mints On Solana

Apaches NFT

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: 15th August | Price: 0.5 SOL | Supply: 2,000

Apaches NFT Project is developing a community filled with utilities, complete governance, and a detailed roadmap. What’s more is they aim to use their collective forecasting strength and use that to determine the best for Solana projects to invest.

The first collection from the new Apaches Project is called “Geronimo, the Apache” and it is an NFT Collection inspired by historical data from Native American Tribes.

Cowies NFT

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: 15th August | Price: 0.45 SOL | Supply: 2,222

Another very exciting upcoming NFT Project is Cowies and it has a total of 2,222 colourful pixelated cows. Their community is growing strong as we hear plans about a second generation of Cowies, including a game in the future.

Goofy Mice

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date; 15th August | Price: 0.79 SOL | Supply: 3,500

Describing themselves as ‘future of Web3’, Goofy Mice is a project collection of pixelated mice you own, the more access you get to the project. 

  • 1 Goofy Mice: DAO & staking Platform
  • 3 Goofy Mice: + The Sewers Minting Bot Tool
  • 7 Goofy Mice: + NFT Whale Pass airdrop

Upcoming NFT Projects Solana NFTeller

Solana Upcoming NFTs

Women of Mars

Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: 18th August | Price: 200 $OSM | Supply: 7,000

Yep, you guessed it. From the name you may know it to be part of the broader Miners of Mars ecosystem. The Women of Mars offers an opportunity for people to join the community. Using the platform’s token $OSM, all miner holders have the chance to mint the NFTs and what’s more is, this is an interesting upcoming new NFT Project and the ecosystem is growing very quickly.


Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: 18th August | Price: 2.7 SOL | Supply: 5,555

Bringing about asset management, Wolfies by SolStreet offers several benefits to realize this using various tools. SolStreet.finance plans to make asset management accessible to many, efficient and also decentralised and it all begins with the unique Wolfies NFT PFP collection.


Blockchain: Solana | Mint Date: 18th August | Price: 1.25 – 1.5 SOL | Supply: 6,666

Solswipe NFT project may just be one of the most innovative one in the upcoming NFTs. This being the world’s first Solana Debit Card. You can expect various benefits, fee reduction, and other rewards if you’re an NFT holder. For more upcoming NFT mints, follow NFTeller.

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