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Upland Metaverse Partners Up With FC Porto


A strategic partnership has been announced between Upland Metaverse and FC Porto. This brings the first EU football team in the Metaverse! This partnership aims to shape the future of football in the metaverse fandom. As a result, you can expect to see more NFT collectibles and a virtual football stadium.

The Entry of FC Porto into Upland Metaverse

FC Porto is the winner of Portugal’s 2022 Primera Liga and it is breaking another new ground and that is to enter into Upland Metaverse. Through this partnership we will be able to see FC Porto build a virtual stadium as well as to let users be able to hold NFT collectible team and player NFTs all made by FC Porto.

Moreover, Upland is a Metaverse that maps the real world and what that means is that following FC Porto’s entry into Upland, the City of Porto will also be in Upland hence users can buy NFT Properties that are mapped to their real-world addresses. Of course, the main focus is on the Estadio do Dragao in Upland. 

This is the first suite of European FC NFT and this will be a major pull of fans as well. Until then, fans will be able to have all these collectibles and trading of NFTs in Upland. Upland’s uniqueness is also player-owned or operated shops on virtual properties. 

Those who are excited for this won’t have to wait long to enjoy this as FC Porto will have its first phase in the 2022 or 2023 season.  Read more NFT sports news on NFTeller.

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