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VoxelCrazyHead NFTs Bridging Reality and The Metaverse


Veronika Varkova, a game designer and NFT fan, is bridging the gap between the actual world and the metaverse through her creation of the VoxelCrazyHeads NFT. Ten thousand avatars are a free pass to the vast network. Using the platform, we can convert real-world locations into immersive digital environments and then bring those environments into our everyday lives. Keep reading to find out how you may take part in this fascinating Metaverse platform.

About The VoxelCrazyHeads NFT

A 10,000-piece NFT collection, the VoxelCrazyHeads are a riot. Each of these heads is a login code for the website. After the minting process, the head transforms into a fully functional 3D avatar, giving the collector a new tool to adventure the massive metaverse being constructed.

According to the company’s founder, Veronika Varkova, “Our main goal is to combine all the high technologies and services into a single virtual space. Shops, banks, online cinemas, social networks, delivery services, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, trade – we will combine all this.” The cost to join the allowlist is 0.05 ETH, whereas the public mint price is 0.09 ETH.

The primary goal of the website is to place virtual representations of physical locations and goods for visitors to engage in virtual commerce and exchange for in-person events. A collector might, for instance, be interested in buying a piece of land in Singapore or renting a unit in one of the city state’s many high-rises. The buyer can then access the building and apartment in real time via Metaspace, and book it based on their preferences.

To illustrate, let’s say there is a digital copy in the database and the building is a participant in the “metaspace digital copy” program. This allows potential buyers to physically see and feel the units before making a decision.

Metaverse Wearables

Metaverse Wearables, Land and Even Jobs

A secondary goal of the VoxelCrazyHeads NFT project is the promotion of in-metaverse purchasing products. Efforts are currently under way to employ an Avatar consultant for this purpose. To purchase sneakers, for instance, a user might log into, navigate to a virtual shoe store, and make their selection. After receiving advice from the store’s avatar salesperson, customers can pay for it and receive their sneakers in the real world. Participants might use this method to look for genuine employment opportunities in the digital realm.

All properties on the platform will be digital. You can do things like acquire a piece of digital real estate and construct a home there. You can resell this home to a different avatar in the future if they share your appreciation for it. Property, storefronts, robots, and even weapons and ammunition can all be rented out.

What Is The Metaspace Game?

Explore a vast, open metaverse full with adventures and unknowns in The Metaspace Game. C-101 is the first spaceship launch location in the metaverse. The protagonist in this tale is a rocket engineer who played a key role in the early Mars colonisation effort. From this point on, the game’s protagonists embark on a series of missions and explorations. The player’s goal is to build a futuristic city on Mars named Cradle 3252. The “Cradle 3252” is a group of six islands that are linked together and encircled by a man-made ocean. The whole city is enclosed under a huge dome. This metropolis is the nerve centre of the metaverse.

The developers have confirmed that the platform will feature both physical and virtual assets. It’s possible, for instance, to acquire digital real estate and construct a home there. This home will eventually be resold by users to other avatars who appreciate its design. Buildings, storefronts, robots, vehicles, and other assets can all be rented or purchased.

Humanoid avatars are computer-generated mannequins. Participants can pick their preferred gender for their avatar throughout the creation process. The avatars differ in intelligence (critical to the game) and physical attributes. The project whitepaper includes a comprehensive discussion of distribution. An internal currency for the network is planned for the Ethereum blockchain, although the Binance Chain (BSC) is being considered as a backup. Its creators have promised additional AR and VR features for the metaverse in the future.

In conclusion, VoxelCrazyHeads will “build” Cradle-3252 after the minting of the collection. They are simultaneously developing a user profile and the game’s software (character management, interactions, etc.).

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