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Wally Sajimi Joins Azuki NFT As Head Of Partnerships


A$AP Rocky’s former creative director at AWGE, Wally Sajimi, has joined NFT cultural pioneers Azuki in the role of Head Of Partnerships. Wally has established a number of successful social media firms and will now oversee strategic alliances for the premium NFT brand. Keep reading to find out more about this remarkable partnership between exceptionally bright people!

Wally Sajimi -x- Azuki – What Does It Mean For The NFT Brand?

For the future of the groundbreaking web3 brand, Wally Sajimi will be in charge of all creative relationships. Wally will be responsible for coming up with original ideas for business ventures and cross-promotions as part of his duties. Furthermore, Wally can bring designers and creatives to Azuki by utilising his extensive knowledge and recruiting them. Following the revelation of Azuki’s successful relationship with AMBUSH and Oracle Red Bull Racing, this announcement has been made. In F1, Azuki is the first NFT brand to appear.

And Wally is highly regarded as a top-tier brand creator with an outstanding resume. The social media minting app Minti, located in Solana, was co-founded by the Forbes 2021 30 Under 30 entrepreneur, who is also the co-founder of Endorsify. Minti is currently being bought by Collab Asia (acquired by HerCampus in 2020). He also has experience from his time spent at United Bank of Switzerland and Salesforce.

New initiatives and partnerships like this are especially important right now, as the Web3 community goes through a period of change. Culture can only advance if creative minds work together to seek new avenues. The azuki are at a developmental crossroads right now. Wally is eager to join Azuki since it is one of the few web3 companies using cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between the digital and real worlds.

Azuki has introduced a novel approach to interacting with NFTs by bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds with the release of its PBT (Physical Backed Token). Together, we can create a world of possibilities. Following the sale of goods on the secondary market and verifying their legitimacy are only the beginning. “Wally’s experience brings a unique creative outlook to Azuki. As a technology creative, he’s worked with some of the top streetwear and fashion brands, and we are excited to collaborate with Wally,” said Azuki founder Zagabond, in a statement.

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