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What Is The Feud Between Frankdegods and ShiLLin ViLLian


Since Solana NFTs have become more well-known, two of the industry’s greatest names are currently engaged in an online feud. The creator of DeGods and y00ts, @Frankdegods, is currently engaged in an odd argument with @ShiLLin ViLLian, alias Alex. Both have significant followings and are incredibly well-known in the NFT Twitter community. So why are ShiLLin ViLLian and Frankdegods fighting?

Solana NFT Twitter Influencers in Online Feud

After Alex tweeted, “My favourite founder is more concerned about an emoji than their collection being down 60%,” the debate between Alex and Frankdegods broke out. The standard is low. Frankdegods responded, “Your lies that you casually propagate daily hurt my collections,” in reaction to these remarks. in addition to a lot of other people’s collections, mental health, and luggage.

People have rapidly taken sides in the Solana NFT dispute, supporting Alex and Frank’s position.

It’s important to note that Alex claimed he never addressed anyone by name and quipped, “Why are you presuming you’re my favorite founder?”

DeGods NFT

Is DeGods NFT Really Down 60%?

The well-liked DeGods NFT collection’s top floor price in September was over 540 SOL. As of right now, the floor price for November 7 is 212 SOL. DeGods have decreased by about 50% in just a few months, thus Alex is correct. There may be a number of causes for this, though.

DeGods became one of the first significant Solana NFT projects to explode on OpenSea in September, which caused a significant FOMO for the project. The price has decreased now that the FOMO has subsided. This price debate is the focal point of the Solana NFT dispute, which has spread overnight to various Twitter areas.

As the project’s creator, Frankdegods has also been ready to acknowledge his mistakes. “I never stated he’s the only reason we’re down,” he wrote in a tweet. I believe there are numerous causes. I’ve made errors. I’m attempting them. Nothing to conceal.

The y00ts NFT collection, which has finally unveiled its artwork after months of difficulties, was also created by Frankdegods. The y00ts team wants to learn from these errors in the upcoming months and develop a more reliable floor price for the project.

The Alex and Frank Solana NFT feud appears to have subsided for the time being, but only time will tell if these important NFT personalities will resume their keyboard sparring.

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