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When and Where is VeeCon 2023?


There was a video posted of Gary Vee allegedly unveiling the specifics of VeeCon 2023, shared by VeeCon and VeeFriends last night. A number of VeeFriends characters appeared with Gary in the two-minute clip under the pretense of disclosing the time and place of VeeCon 2023. In fact, neither Gary Vee nor the characters informed us that.

VeeCon 2023: So, What Was Actually Announced?

Simple response: Nothing. Gary Vee was shown in the video requesting various VeeFriends characters to reveal the location and date of VeeCon 2023. Intuitive Iguana, Astronaut, Gary Bee, and Patient Pig were among the characters. Everyone kept arguing about who could let us know the details, but none could in the end.

In conclusion, all we currently know about VeeCon’s upcoming edition is that it will happen soon. Gary Vee concluded the video by saying that the information is being kept a secret.

Of course, the video dissatisfied viewers who were eager to learn more. Farokh tweeted, “I feel rugged rn,” as an example.

You had me turning off the TV, leaving my Twitter account, and finding a quiet area just for the teaser. @garyvee, I’ll get you back. simply wait. I’ll bring you back, JonesDaGuru wrote.

About VeeCon

VeeCon, an exclusive multi-day Web3 conference, is one of the most valuable resources for VeeFriends owners. NFT projects, popular culture, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, and innovation are essentially the conference’s main foci. In actuality, holders receive a three-year (2022 – 2024) conference access pass.

Among other things, the event is jam-packed with motivational speeches, panel discussions, exhibitions, and installations. Holders get the chance to meet Gary Vee, which is more significant.

Even though the bear market coincided with this year’s VeeCon 2022, it was a remarkable success. The community is now anticipating VeeCon 2023 with great excitement!

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