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Why No One Is Minting Coinbase NFT Vox Trolls


The Trolls VOX NFTs have been discontinued by Gala, Universal Games, and Digital Platforms. These NFTs are based on the 2016 Dreamworks film Trolls and its line of toys. Only 3000 NFTs have been sold so far, despite the brand’s recognition and the 2020 “Trolls World Tour” sequel. How come this is the case?

The Trolls VOX NFTs Based on Dreamworks

On Coinbase, the DreamWorks Trolls VOX NFTs became available on October 15. You can earn VOXverse land parcels and Gala Music allowlist tokens by participating in each NFT, which costs 0.888 ETH. Additionally, in late October, collectors will have the option of exchanging their ERC-1155 VOX Box for an ERC-721 DreamWorks Trolls VOX. A limited-edition brand hoodie will also be given to them.

In the VOXverse, this most current NFT collection will have a very unique position. Will Wright, the developer of VOXverse, claims that the Trolls will serve as the world’s party animals and foster social good.

Why No One Is Minting Trolls Vox NFTs

Despite enormous support and the Trolls’ popularity, just 3000 NFTs have been sold. 5,898 NFTs are still available for purchase. This might be a result of the NFTs in this collection costing 0.888 ETH each, or about $1179.03, each unit. During a bear market, this is unquestionably a costly price for a non-bluechip NFT collection.

Furthermore, when it comes to NFTs, huge company IPs haven’t exactly been successful. The Nickelodeon NFTs’ floor price has decreased considerably. The VeVe Disney NFTs experienced the same issue. It is safe to conclude that NFT collectors favor original ideas and intellectual properties over too cliched material. For more NFT news, read more on NFTeller.

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