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World’s First Metaverse Campus: MetaHKUST


Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, or also known as HKUST, had announced that they are planning to build the world’s first physical-digital twin campus in the Metaverse. Namely MetaHKUST, there will be mixed VR and classroom which means students will be able to attend classes no matter where they are. MetaHKUST campus will also be hosting Hong Kong’s new Guangzhou campus launch.

About MetaHKUST

The Metaverse campus is an effort from Hong Kong University as they embrace the fast-growing Web3 world. MetaHKUST will serve as an extended reality campus for both HKUST and the Guangzhou campus. Basically, the goal here is to provide an immersive experience for its students. What’s more is it will function as a “holistic platform” bringing everyone together to create and innovate. This includes not only their students, but also its teachers, faculty members, and alumni.

First event of HKU Metaverse will take place in September with the opening of the Guangzhou Campus.

Pan Hui, a professor of computational media and arts said this, “A lot of Guests might be overseas and are not able to attend, so we will host it in the Metaverse.” He further added that meeting through Zoom feels 2D, but when it’s meeting through virtual reality, it’s like you’re there in person. He believes that how you interact with students around you will increase your learning outcome.

MetaHKUST Is Here For The Long Run

Rest assured, HKU has long-term plans for its metaverse campus. For a start, physical infrastructure will be installed like extended reality classrooms, sensors, cameras and visualisation tools. Whilst all these are going on, University members are invited to take part in a crowdsourced scanning of the physical campuses. This is to help render and improve images for the virtual campus.

After the establishment has been stabilized, members will be able to create content like their avatars. They can if they want to create NFTs, tokens and also digital arts. As a matter of fact, some of the activities that can be done also involves incorporating augmented reality for any physical campus viewing.

What the future will be is the University expects easier administrative procedures via the applications from Web3. Example would be, HKUST is considering blockchain-secured diplomas or transcripts awarded as NFTs.

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Universities are embracing Metaverse

What needs to be taken note is that there are other universities out there that are also embracing Web3 technologies. For instance, the University of Tokyo has also offered a metaverse course and is available for high school students and working adults as well. Similarly, earlier this year, Ankara University launched an official NFT course. Meanwhile Bentley University even dropped its own Honour of Hall of Fame Coach in the form of NFT. We are likely to see more universities embracing the metaverse in the near future. For the latest NFT news, check out NFTeller community.

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