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Wrangler Jeans x Top NFT Project Deadfellaz Partnership


Wrangler Jeans, a prominent PFP NFT initiative, will collaborate with a top NFT project DeadFellaz. Although Wrangler Jeans is not new to the field of NFTs, DeadFellaz hopes to establish a long-term relationship with the company.

DeadFellaz X Wrangler: Cowboys + Zombies

A tweet from DeadFellaz announcing the collaboration that will combine Web2 and Web3 was also retweeted by the official account of Wrangler Jeans. The well-known NFT line, which features zombies, will aim to enhance their brand with denim and cowboy fashion. They also mentioned that a competition would be held to launch the relationship. DeadFellaz fans can collaborate to compete and win prizes. We’ve been told to check back for further details.

Wrangler has Already Investigated the NFT Space

Wrangler is not a newcomer to the NFT industry. Wrangler collaborated with Leon Bridges, a Grammy Award winner, and NFT marketplace, LTD.INC to launch the “Mr. Wrangler” collection earlier this year. From its recent alliance with the Horde Mother’s NFT formation, we have high hopes.

The NFT Area Has Been Regularly Explored by Fashion Brands

Famous fashion companies have experimented with innovative fashion ideas and technology, including the use of NFTs, by moving beyond conventional fashion ideals. One fashion company that recently made a move into NFTs is Gucci. Burberry and Prada are similar. We’ll make sure to keep you informed about the development of this growing collaboration between DeadFella and Wrangler Jeans. For more NFT news updates, follow our NFT community.

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