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Originally set for September 4th, the eagerly anticipated mint for y00ts’ t00b NFTs was postponed. Accordingly, five minutes before the minting session began, the team encountered a “blocking bug.” The project’s creators pledged to launch minting 24 hours after the scheduled time.

Frank, the founder of DeGods, is attempting to apologise as the team works to address every issue, but how is the NFT community responding?

What Caused y00ts to Postpone Their NFT Mint?

One of the most anticipated drops of the season is without a doubt the y00ts NFT mint. For months, collectors have been trying to get accepted for their scholarship whitelist programme. The opportunity to mint t00bs, the NFTs necessary to mint y00ts, was only available to those who had been accepted.

In essence, everyone was anticipating September 4 at 2 PM PST, which was the minting day.

But just as the minting day approached, so did difficulties for the DeGods founding team of y00ts. The company initially had to delay minting by 24 hours because of a “blocking bug,” as they called it.

They wrote, “We do not feel comfortable bringing the mint live at this time due to the severity of this problem. “The mint should be here in about 24 hours.”

In other words, five minutes before it was supposed to go live, y00ts cancelled their eagerly anticipated NFT mint.

What Was the Delay’s Impact on Frank, the Creator of DeGods?

Frank DeGods, the creator of y00ts, mentioned the incident on September 5 in a Twitter thread:

He wrote, “I’m disappointed with me and our team, but I’m not concerned.” “Sadly, none of our plans have changed for today… merely a significant wake-up call regarding how urgently we must address this stalling problem.

Frank further guaranteed that visiting the y00ts NFT mint will be a memorable experience for all collectors. He added that the group would shortly be making some exciting news.

From the NFT community, the project has so far elicited a range of responses. While some collectors maintained their optimism, others appeared less than pleased with the delayed mint.

In any case, all eyes are on y00ts as the scholarship recipients eagerly await the start of the minting of their t00b NFTs.

Yoots NFTDescribe y00ts.

In a nutshell, y00ts is a group of 15,000 NFTs that resemble avatars and are present on the Solana blockchain. The DeGods project was developed by the team behind the most popular Solana NFT collectibles to date.

Following the disclosure of y00ts’ minting method, the buzz surrounding them grew even more. In essence, every collector who is approved onto the y00tlist is qualified to get a t00b NFT. Then, customers can mint YFTs NFTs whenever they want by burning T00Bs.

In this in-depth article, you can read more about the y00ts NFT collection and its clever mechanics.

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