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Y00ts NFT Collection Grew 190k Volume Within 24 Hours


The Y00ts NFT collection finally had its mint last night after multiple delays, and the figures are astounding. The extremely well-liked and top-secret project has accumulated over 190 thousand SOL in volume (about $6.1 million) in less than 24 hours! Surprisingly, with a floor price of 160 SOL ($4,900), it also occupies the top spot on OpenSea’s volume statistics.

This indicates that the Y00ts volume for the past 24 hours has exceeded the BAYC volume for the past seven days as a whole. This is significant since it shows how popular the new initiative is without a full NFT reveal. Y00ts is officially live after numerous mint delays, and this is just the beginning.

What is the NFT Collection by Y00ts?

Y00ts is a brand-new NFT compilation from the productive DeGods project team based in Solana. They are a group of 15,000 NFTS who want to dominate the market and alter how we perceive NFT intellectual property rights. The initiative has experienced an unbelievable build-up over the past month, and they have been trending on social media.

The project is distinctive and top-secret. The creative whitelist, nicknamed the “Yootlist scholarship,” and the associated Twitter page were an intriguing feature that aided the project’s growth. Regular tweets that revealed who had been added to the whitelist gave the procedure a new dimension.

The Y00ts team has also shown a second NFT collection known as T00bs. T00bs offers an additional point of entry into the Y00ts ecosystem and increases the project’s total worth.

In Under 24 hours, Y00ts NFT Collection has Amassed Almost 6 Million USD!

Data from Crypto Slam, the web3 data experts, show that Y00ts had an exceptional first day. In the NFT community, there has been an insane rush to purchase one of these NFTs on opening day.

Right moment, Y00ts are trading for 160 SOL. It topped the seven-day trade volume charts on OpenSea within the first six hours!

The Y00ts NFT collection mint has been a big success based on sales numbers. There have been a few speed bumps along the way, though. Furthermore, many people continue to struggle when trying to make money.

We will give the waitlist a 24-hour heads up, @Y00tsNFT tweeted this evening. As of right now, we’re still working hard to make sure that everyone who attempts to mine and encounters mistakes has their problems fixed. It’s the most equitable answer.

y00ts NFTThe Free NFT Mint has Issues and Delays

On September 5th, the Y00ts NFT collection was supposed to mint. However, the team revealed they had discovered a “blocker bug” in the NFT contract just before the mint time.

On September 5th, @frankdegods, the founder of Y00ts and the person behind DeGods, tweeted an apology. I’m disappointed with myself and our squad, but I’m not concerned, he declared. Not all of our plans were altered today; rather, it served as a stark reminder of how urgently we must address the delay problem.

After two days, the project has started to produce coins, and there is intense FOMO for the free mint project. We’ll watch how Y00ts adjusts and progresses in the coming weeks once the NFTs are made public. It isn’t the best beginning for the Y00ts NFT collection, either, because many are still having trouble trying to mint.

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