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y00ts NFT Official Mint Date Announced


One of the most eagerly awaited new NFT drops is y00ts. This innovative new brand, from the makers of Solana NFT “DeGods,” seeks to produce a groundbreaking PFP line. Many of us are anxious to sign up for “y00topia” and take part in this initiative, and we finally have the information we have been awaiting for. The y00ts NFT Twitter account announced on August 26 that September 2, 2022, is the official mint date.

This week’s update is not the only one. Discover modifications to the y00ts scholarship application procedure by reading on.

Scholarship Updates From y00ts

The y00ts scholarship application deadline has been set for Sunday, 11:59 p.m. PST. You can now amend your scholarship application as well. Then, after editing your application, you just login to the application using the same wallet and Twitter account. Warning: If you edit your application, it will be moved to the bottom of the queue. Use editing only when absolutely necessary.

What The y00tlist aka Scholarship is About

The y00ts project, also known as the “y00tlist,” includes these scholarships as a crucial component. Managing allowlist slots is done through the scholarship. On the basis of merit, individuals on the y00tlist can access the hottest mints. You must verify your identity by Twitter, connect your Solana wallet to the y00ts website, and respond to a few questions in order to apply for a scholarship. All selected applicants’ applications are made available to the public for complete openness.

For the most recent information, mint specifics, and to know if you were selected for the Y00tlist, keep a watch on both the official Twitter account and the Y00ts scholarship account.

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