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You Can Now Track NFT Portfolio With New Metamask Feature


In collaboration with NFTBank, one of the most well-known cryptocurrency wallets, Metamask, debuted an NFT portfolio tracking function. Users will be able to conveniently monitor the value of their NFT portfolios with the new utility. On November 2, the wallet provider also disclosed that they would release pricing details for over 5,000 NFT collections.

What To Expect With Metamask Portfolio Feature

One could wonder what this means for the 30 million Metamask users after learning about the most recent collaboration. First off, it’s more crucial than ever to comprehend NFT pricing given the state of the market. The new Metamask function will enable users to make wiser choices. But how, I hear you ask? Machine learning is used by NFTBank to provide users with price estimations for specific NFTs in a collection. The system uses the floor price, rarity, and bid/ask distribution to generate the price forecasts, said the BD manager at NFTBank.

These projections are also more than 90% accurate. Because of its sophisticated machine-learning models and strong infrastructure capabilities that can support MetaMask’s scale in order to provide a consistent experience for millions of MetaMask users, NFTBank has established itself as the ideal partner to enable this feature, according to Kai Huang, product manager at NFTBank.

About NFTBank

Daniel Minsu Kim founded NFTBank in 2015 as a portfolio management tool and valuation engine for NFTs. For other significant initiatives like Chainlink, NFTfi, Pine, Stater, and Unlockd Finance, they already serve as the NFT valuation solution. In addition, Hashed, DCG, 1k(x), and other investors support the business.

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