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The AstroBoys is a community driven by 8,888 NFT collectible projects.

Each of the ASTROBOYS has specific characteristics according to the concept of the infinite universe of humans connecting to the new era of the virtual world.

Each ASTROBOYS is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Our mission is to create a hybrid ecosystem between the virtual world and our actual one, unifying the worlds together. NFT ASTROBOYS gives you back the power with exclusive items and experiences unavailable inside any other NFT PROJECT, receive real assets while you’re helping a good cause, and bring the world of Virtual Reality closer to the masses, by tokenizing its global potential.

Every member of this ASTROBOYS community is important to us, we work hard to ensure that each one gets the right attention and treatment: as an acceptor and a co-owner of our platform, every user will enjoy a rewarding experience thanks to amazing features designed to bring together our great team, incredible product quality, and groundbreaking partners.

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