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CryptoBoo! is an original NFT series made by CryptoJutsu. Created in pixel art, this one-of-a-kind series takes place in the Boo Verse, an imaginary land populated by cute & funny little ghosts. Each NFT is handmade & animated + comes as a 1/1 edition (1 of 1). Season 1 (2021): 50 episodes. Season 2 (2022): 27 episodes. TOTAL: 77 EPISODES Collect CryptoBoo! = win rewards + holders enjoy special price for Universal Soldiers NFTs made by CryptoJutsu. This project is mainly done for the love of the art, but here are the set of targets that we have defined for CryptoBoo!: – Upcoming future seasons – Possible extension series – Rewards and Prizes for holders – Merch – Collabs + more

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