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The origin of cats dates back 12 million years, when felines began to populate the Earth. However, it was 4,000 years ago that its domestication began. In those days, the Egyptians decided to use them to keep rats away from their grain stores. ” In the modern world, cats were represented on many occasions in portraits, sculptures, television, and even digital art. the origin Dystopian Cats Society are born from the inspiration of the Sketchy Ape Book Club in a dystopian world where they were not considered important, now the situation has changed, the cats have taken the power of the blockchain and are ready to destroy everything, they just need someone . . to adopt them (you’re a fool if you don’t) these cats are so special that they have their own names and are covered in other unique characteristics, they have more than 150 rarities specially designed for each of them. they are meowing like mad in the network of lost polygons in the block chain waiting to be released

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