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Introducing Drop 2: Statecraft – Endstate’s most ambitious drop to date. It’s not just an epic sneaker release, it’s the first step in your journey to the Endstate: a future where all objects of value in the physical world have a digital counterpart.

Each NFT is redeemable for a premium pair of sneakers and the two are definitively linked via NFC chip. Drop 2: Statecraft NFTs feature variable attributes across six tiers of rarity. The lace types and accessories contained in your NFT transcend the digital state and are reflected on the physical sneakers you receive.

The Statecraft silhouette is made in the USA and designed from the sole up by Endstate’s world renowned designers David Filar (lead design) and Stephanie Howard (design direction). The silhouette boasts asymmetric features, bespoke tongue construction, and cut-and-sew leather paneling. This is a classic in the making.

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