Melted Faces Reshape

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4,444 mFr’S MeLtiNg ThRoUgH tHe EtHeReUm BLoCkChAiN! EaCh ToKeN gRaNtS yOu ExCLuSiVe MeMbErS oNLy AcCeSs To A gRoUp SiMiLaR tO tHe iLLuMiNaTi ….. Jk, We WeRe TriPpiN wHeN wE wRoTe ThiS! YoU wiLL hOwEvEr Be GrAnTeD tOkEn-GaTeD ExXxXxcLuuUuSiVe AcCeSs iNtO a WoRLd Of TrAdiNg ToOLs, TrAdiNg EdU and TrAdiNg FrEnS tHaT’rE mFr’S jUsT LiKe YoU! Made by the community Made for the community Made for degens by degens (FUBU was taken) LeTs RaVe

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