Metaverse Plates Club - 3rd Phase

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A PORTAL BETWEEN REAL LIFE AND METAVERSE As a WEB3 brand, Metaverse Plates Club exists to connect motor brands with the Metaverse. Building a unique Marketplace is key to rise cars to the next level. AN IMMERSIVE AND INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE Thanks to the development of the Next Gen Garage as The Meta Garage, our champions and users will be given an experience never seen before in the sector. BUILDING THE METAUTILITY Integration and usefulness of NFTs into the virtual world are vital for our project. Customize your car in the Metaverse and give it that special touch with a MPC limited plate. METAVERSE INTEROPERABILITY The future in the Metaverse is too big to just stay in one. We are living the birth of a new era, borders do not exist and this inspires us to continue our expansion.

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