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Welcome to Modern Poker Club, a community of poker players whose purpose is to bring more excitement to poker and to inspire a new generation. We are creating the first ever MMO (massive multiplayer online) P2E (play-to-earn) Poker game “Pokerverse”. ModernPokerClub NFT holders will be able to earn coins when their faction wins in tournaments. We also plan to hold a reality poker show for our ModernPokerClub NFT holders for a chance to win a Bankroll. Additional perks will be added along the way, so join us on April 1st for the sale and be a part of this collection and community. Sharks, Fish, Donkeys, and Whales. If you don’t know poker, it’s time to learn. A “shark” is a highly-skilled poker player. A “fish” is a noob who makes mistakes. A “donkey” or “donk” for short is a bad player that chooses to make poor decisions against the odds. A “whale” is the name given to a very rich but very bad poker player. You can play poker casually, or competitively, either way, you will make great moments and meet new friends. ModernPokerClub is here to inspire a new generation of poker players. A place to show the world who is the best of the best. We will be the biggest poker community in our solar system. Eventually “Earthlings” (people born on earth) will play poker with “Martians”, (people born on mars). Believe in us and reap the rewards from the greatest poker experience the world has yet to see.

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