The Nigerian Wives

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BRUDDAS!! MEET YOUR FUTURE WIFES!! 3333 WIFES TO KEEP YOU COMPANY!! ❤️ ello ev’yone. You already know The Nigerians NFT! Say hello to these beautiful Nigerian ladies! Show them that you are a REAL diamond hand Ajebutter, and make the most beautiful woman your wife! We a’ de Nigerian Ajebutters and we want some good Nigerian Love ❤️ But not ev’yone can get a wife! 3333 beautiful wifes on da ETHEREUM blockchain. Paperhands are not attractive and have a subtle nasty smell and will therefor never get a wife! Nig’ians a’ da biggest NFT adopta’s but ev’yone fwogets us. Empowa’ Nig’ians!! We contwol da NFT space

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