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Tutti Frutti Women is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs, some rarer than others, with a few that are legendary, randomly generated from a combination of 170+ traits, stored as ERC721A tokens, and hosted on IPFS, born to empower women in the fight against cancer and to raise cancer awareness.

Free mint registration is open: https://app.heymint.xyz/free-mint-tutti-frutti-women

Holders benefits:

Tutti Frutti Women NFT will give to holders access to fruitful benefits while they contribute to cancer awareness & to women empowerment in the fight against cancer.

There will be an exclusive raffle for holders: $30k once the minting is over.

Create a fruity fund dedicated to holders or to a family member in order to encourage cancer prevention and early detection.

In phase 2, a 3D NFT collection will be launched & it is reserved for the holders. This will allow them access in the Metaverse which will be build in phase 3.

Holders will also have access to giveaways such as free NFTs from budding female artists in the space, WL from various NFTs projects, and other surprises.

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