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THE WALDOS LEGEND is a collection of 4200 NFTs with utility, around CBD and Cannabis culture: Holders will be able to benefit from exclusive web3 advantages, discounts on the Eshop Waldos Legend and be part of the Waldos private club. Rewards: With a professional team in the business of CBD and cannabis culture, Waldos Legend is a real brand that will expand in web3 and IRL. Being part of the Waldos is an opportunity to contribute to the development of this incredible adventure! 4200 NFTS total supply: First sale of 420 NFTs: October 5 7:00 PM UTC: Presale reserved for Allowlists and OGs – Mint price: 0.1 ETH. October 5 8:00 PM UTC: Public sale – Mint price: 0.13 ETH. Sale of 3780 NF

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