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What if we told you that one of the most significant PFP collections hadn’t been minted yet. Turns out that NO woman PFP collection exists fully on the blockchain. Yes, that is a fact! We decided this needed fixing and we’re building a community that will be a force to be reckoned with to make sure that women are no longer erased from history.


What is WomenOnChain?

WomenOnChain is the FIRST women PFP collection that is minted entirely on the blockchain. That means the data and the art exist Onchain NOT IPFS.

How many are there?
There are only 2000 of the OG collection to guarantee their part in herstory and make sure that they are likely to increase in value over time.

What is does OnChain mean?
On-chain NFTs are tokens completely written on the (Ethereum) blockchain, implemented with metadata and smart contract both existing on the blockchain. Most NFTs store their artwork off chain on centralised serves like IPFS – this is not the case with WomenOnChain. Everything is OnChain.

What are plans?
We want to build a legacy web 3 brand that doesn’t rely on gimmicks to keep pumping FP. We are aiming for long-term herstorical value and will build our brand with purpose and long-term strategy. Highlighting women who have contributed to web 3, connecting others to them, telling their stories and elevating women are part of why we exist. We will also launch brand-based merchandise for our holders, grow awareness of the opportunities for women in web 3 and continually seek out partnerships with long-term benefits.

Women are often erased from history … our permanence on the blockchain is an important part of ensuring that stops happening. Let’s make HERstory.

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