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Xara City is a fully immersive Play-To-Earn Property themed NFT, Metaverse, Market Place and Exchange project.

Become a Metaverse Property Tycoon and build your property portfolio by securing Xara City Land Site and Building NFTs, stake your NFTs to earn $Xara Utility token as a staking reward. Fractionalize your Land Sites and Buildings into 50, 75 or 100 Key NFTs and upgrade your Key NFTs to VR NFTs & Virtual Apartments to sell or rent out via the Xara City Market Place.

Participants can spend $Xara earned in-game on a variety of Virtual Experiences in the Xaraverse (Metaverse) or bid, buy or rent NFTs, Tokenized Assets or Virtual Apartments via the Xara City Market Place. Alternatively Participants can utilize the Xara City Exchange to Swap, Trade or fund Liquidity Pools to earn an APR and or yield on trading fees.

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