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ZFriends is a collection of 10 000 unique and cool NFT’s infecting the Solana Blockchain with a zombie type virus that keeps on giving to their owners..
The ZFriends collection brings every owner a opportunity to be part of a glowing community of NFT collectors.

By Owning one of our NFT’s, every holder will not just get a cool piece of Zombie art, but also a spot in a community that will earn from every NFT they hold.

What will our holders earn you say?

The chance to make history.
A spot in countless giveaways.
The opportunity to earn passive income
Exclusive merch and toys.
A spot in our $15 000 Sol Giveaway when we hit 50% sell out.
A spot in another $15 000 sol giveaway when we hit 100% sell out.
Special FREE NFT giveaways.
And much more.

Every NFT Holder will be able to stake their NFT on our $Ztoken coin to earn passive income every day.

Our project is one of a kind in the NFT world that wants to give more to there owners then we receive in return and love to bring a project our owners can be proud of.

We are building a NFT community where every one can be able to earn from there investment and not just give a cool and unique art work that stays in there wallet doing nothing for theme in return.

The world of NFT’s Needs to be loved by everyone and not just there creators.

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